My life with Honey bees Or the girls in my life
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Come share my beekeeping story, told through pictures

My Beekeeping story


It began in October of 2002 when I cut down a dead Ash tree for firewood. I never knew it was home to Honey Bees till I had nearly all the lower part blocked up to split into fire wood size.

Kare my wife had told me of watching a PBS program about the wild honey bees dieing out because of a mite. Since we had about 2,000sq.ft. Of perennial flowerbeds at that time I didn’t want the bees to die. I tried to find a local beekeeper to help me save them to no avail. I then turned to the Internet, where I found Jim a West Michigan beekeeper.

Jim told me what I needed to do to get the bees thru the winter, which did work.

After fixing things so the bees would over winter I discovered things I had questions about honeybees. Jim was kind and answered all my questions and told me other things also. Jim suggested that when spring came I should take steps to get the wild bees in a standard hive box and become a beekeeper.


Bees are gentile critters

I Like to let the girls walk on me and tickle with their tiny little legs.

I also like to taste the honey.


This picture shows parts of the tree that had been home to the bees.


To learn more about Honey bees and even take a test you can visit my Favorite Link.